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EPIC programs that students will remember for a lifetime!

Whether your student wants to experiment like Isaac Newton or paint like Pablo Picasso, EPIC provides options for parents looking to increase their child’s cognitive development, creativity and confidence safely with responsible and trained supervision. 


Science, Technology and Engineering: Newton's Lab (NL)

  • Code Crafters (NLCC)

  • EPIC Engineers (NLEE)

  • Kidnetic Adventures (NLKA)

  • Reaction Time (NLRT)

  • Rocket Racers (NLRR)

Fine Arts: Creative Studio (CS)

  • Creative Studio (CS)

  • Illustration Station (CSIS)

  • Kinder Art (CSKA)

Language Arts

  • Sign Time (ST)

  • Spanish Explorers (SPEX)

Cooperative Learning

  • Cluefinders-GATE (CF)


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