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Kidnetic Adventures

Kinesiology and Physical Therapy 

This courses introduces foundational concepts of kinesiology and battery testing for skills.


Students Objectives:

  • Foundations in muscle physiology 

  • Science of maintenance in health and fitness

  • Application of concepts in exercise science

-grow in athletics

-physically participate in fun, competitive games

​Physical activities will include a variety of team games, sports, battery testing, and skill obstacle courses. 

Students will learn about kinesiology, exercise science, and a range of physical activities to encourage lasting fitness habits. This course provides a fun, interactive environment for physical participation and competition. Students learn about muscle physiology before engaging in a variety of team games, group battery testing, skill obstacle courses, and various team sports!

  • Physical Therapist Aide

Certificate Programs

  • Physical Therapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Athletic Training 

  • Sport Medicine

Graduate Programs

Characteristics and Skills 

  • Physical Stamina

  • Education 

  • Mental Endurance

  • Documention

Boy in Gym Class
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