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Interactive Math

This courses introduces foundational concepts of mathematics utilizing manipulatives and real-world application of concepts.


Students will

-demonstrate mathematical concepts with hands-on manipulatives

-engage in project-based learning 

-understand the necessity of math concepts

-improve upon real world applications for math

Students demonstrate mathematical concepts with manipulatives and engage in project-based  math learning.  This class will demonstrate why you need to understand mathematical concepts such as angles, their uses, and how to make quick calculations for every day, real-world application. 

* "Math develops analytic skills at a foundational level, and a strong sense of logic and problem solving in those that study it. This can be applied to all stem fields." (from YouTube video "what jobs can you get with a mathematics major: the importance of math for jobs") maybe a good quote to indicate that a lower level degree can aid with other technical degrees.

Math Career Options

below are from this site (some of these were listed on UCR site as well)--




Research assistant


Postsecondary Education



Financial Advisor

Mathematicians and Statisticians

Operations Research Analysts

Postsecondary Mathematics Science Teachers

Quantitative Analyst

Statistician (Mathematical)

from UCR site:

Biomathematical Researcher

Cost Analyst

Data Base Manager

Demographic Analyst

Distribution Analyst


Economic Forecaster

Economic Research Analyst

Engineering Support Technician

Industrial Engineer

Loan Officer/Trust Officer

Management Consultant


Market Researcher/Analyst

Methods Analyst

New Products Testing Specialist

Operations Research Analyst


Quality Assurance Technician



Associate's  Degrees

AS in Math

1. Appraiser   $48,963

2.  Assessor  $39,186

3.  Surveyor  $ 59,731

4.  Bookkeeper  $45,760

Bachelor Degrees

BS in Math

1.  Data analyst  $71,179 

2.  Inventory analyst  $51,839

3.  Data Science Manager  $134,397

4.  Actuary  $79,708 

5.  Financial Analyst/Planner  $66,498

6.  Statistician/Data Analyst  $63,548 

7.  Cost Analyst  $66,484 

Masters Degrees

1.  Material Process Engineer  $78,013 

2.  Statistician $65,857

PhD Degrees

1.  Postsecondary Education

Administrators $95,410


2. Actuaries  $108,350


3.  Mathematicians and Statisticians


4.  Operations Research Analysts



5.  Postsecondary Mathematics Science Teachers  $73,690

6.  Quantitative Analyst $133,314

7.  Cryptographer  $106,860

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