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Welcome To Our EPIC Enrichment!


Our goal is to create a safe, fun and exciting environment for kids in order to expose them to different aspects of various career opportunities.  We are planting a seed for future growth and development in areas of art Spanish, science, health, cartooning, team building and health science.  These classes will encourage the kids to further their knowledge in later life and improve development in needed skills.  Each class is 1-hour long and runs for 6-7 weeks at designated sites.  


Our after-school programs are all hands-on and always focus on enrichment. They meet national and state extracurricular activity standards. Only trained, qualified, and dynamic instructors lead our programs. Our instructors follow professional, proven lesson plans. Our lesson plans use unique equipment and original materials, which are loved by children and are ideal for those in kindergarten to 6th grade. Our programs are easy to plan and hassle-free to run.


We encourage you to contact us to find out more about our after-school programs in your community


















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