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Join the fun!

We would like to extend an invitation to you to partner with us in enhancing students’ lives through fun and exciting enrichment!

There are four key enrichment programs: 

​Science, Technology and Engineering: Newton's Lab (NL)

  • Code Crafters (NLCC)

  • EPIC Engineers (NLEE)

  • Kidnetic Adventures (NLKA)

  • Reaction Time (NLRT)

  • Rocket Racers (NLRR)

Fine Arts: Creative Studio (CS)

  • Aqua Splash (CSAS)

  • Creative Studio (CS)

  • Graphic Design (CSGD)

  • Illustration Station (CSIS)

  • Kinder Art (CSKA)

Language Arts

  • Spanish Explorers (SPEX)

Cooperative Learning

  • Cluefinders-GATE (CF)


Through the cooperation of local district offices, educators, parents, principals, recreation departments, and sponsors, Enrichment Programs In Communities has been able to create environments that improve important critical thinking skills as well as build self-confidence through sportsmanship, language, improvisation and art.

Please accept our invitation to become one of the many partners enriching students’ lives in a fun and safe environment!  


  • Turn in registration form to location of class or make a reservation online. (Online reservations are appreciated)

We are currently on 
summer break and 
looking forward to Fall classes. Contact us to schedule!


Visit our Instagram 


for pictures of your students

at their school sites!

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